Quick Tips To Get More Likes On Instagram


With over 500 million active users monthly, Instagram is second after Facebook in social media networks popularity. It is preferred choice of brands and consumers alike for both photos and videos sharing. A single post, if done right can easily get thousands of likes.

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Instagram offers an imperative way to connect yourself and your brand with fans and future fans which is impossible to attain via traditional marketing. But, before engaging fans, you should get their attention. So, you should learn to get Instagram likes first.

How to get more Instagram likes?

You need to first develop a clear strategy based on real goals. After you have settled on what you wish to attain with your feed on Instagram, it is time to see how the different components that help create every post can offer your Instagram likes a boost.

Post Attractive Photos

Without any doubt, you should put some serious thoughts in the photos you post on Instagram and ensure that you select the most interesting and best looking content for your feeds. Remember these 3 photo guidelines, when choosing your Instagram content:

  • Know your color: Photos that are mainly blue get 24% more likes than the photos with mainly red and photos with single unified color.
  • Watch your filters: Filters that correct exposure, increase contrast and add warmer tones have best results.

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Add Location Tags To Make Content More Discoverable

Easier discovery means that more people will notice your photos, so photos tagged with location get 79% higher engagement as compared to the ones.

The “add location” option lets you tag your post with place name. Clicking on location then shows every photo and video with that location, offering another means to discover your videos and photos for the users.

Use Hashtags Sensibly

Hashtags aren’t a separate element of your post technically, but they are so imperative that they are worth considering. Firstly, think of where to include them. You can include a couple of most important hashtags in photo caption, but remember to not go overboard. If you wish to use more, post them as comments.

When deciding which hashtag to add in your post, remember that the most famous ones may not be the best option for you. That being said, there are lots of famous hastags also that are worth using.

User Centric Instagram Strategies to Gain More Likes

When you are on the lookout for Instagram likes, then you should ensure that you are offering users whatever they want and when they want. Here are a few important user-centric practices to remember.

Include User-Generated Content

Generate a branded hashtag. Encourage the users to incorporate it in their posts. It will offer you access to a vital source of likable contents that is ready to regram for you. Ensure to tag original photographer within your caption.

Post Consistently At The Best Time

When you are consistent, the users know what they should expect from your feeds. A regular schedule for posting that coincides with time your audience is active keeps followers engaged on Instagram without overwhelming your feed. Ensure to select an aesthetic for your feeds and always stick to it.

Mention And Engage Other Users

Tagging somebody in your photographs is a sure method to get their attention. Posts that tag somebody in caption get 56% more engagement. Also, ensure to go beyond your photo stream too comment and like on others videos and photos. This engagement can attract people to your profile back, where they are sure to get some like-worthy post to double-tap.

After you begin including these techniques to gain Instagram likes ensure to monitor as well as measure your efforts and adjust your overall approach as needed.

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