Tried-and-Tested Tips to Build A Brand With Instagram

  • January 11, 2017

Instagram is an app that has demonstrated wonderful growth. In fact, Instagram community has grown to more than 400 million users.

Despite its remarkable reach, lots of business owners still are overlooking Instagram’s marketing potential. Therefore, they are leaving high level of brand awareness, engagement, and even profits on the tables.

If you are one among such people, now it is time to get in action. Below are the tried and tested ways to make use of Instagram to build a brand and business.

1) Locate Your Niche

Every brand or person should have a niche– an approach to set your business or yourself apart from everything and everyone else. Without a specific niche, you’ll blend in and get lost in social media noise. Discovering your niche is like creating your personality. In order to get started, ask yourself: what I am great at? What I actually enjoy doing? What’s the main purpose of my brand? You not only need to be sincere, honest, and unique, but also a bit mysterious. Ensure to keep your persona and purpose clear but strive to always have people wishing to know more. In case, people get confused about what you do within the very first few seconds, then you have lost them.

2) Grow Your Following With Strategic Partnership

One among the main frustrations for most of the marketers delving in Instagram is how to create a following and get Instagram followers. After all, without large number of Instagram followers, how Instagram can possibly be an efficient marketing channel?

There is one method in particular that you can use to grow our following on Instagram quickly to 10,000 within just a few weeks: partnering with Instagram accounts of other people.

To begin, make a list of famous Instagram accounts that will reach to your target audiences. When you have found them, then you can partner together with them using “shout-outs,” which either can be paid or unpaid. Below is how the two vary …

The Unpaid Shout-outs

These shout-outs are generally known as “share for share.” In this, you share each other’s content, and both of you encourage your Instagram followers to follow other’s account. You also get access to all of their audiences, and they can access yours.

To begin with free shout-out, focus on Instagram accounts that have reach similar as yours. Owners of those Instagram accounts are more receptive to share for share partnerships, since both the sides will advantage about the same.

However if you wish to expand your reach to Instagram accounts with larger pools of followers, then you may wish to pay for the shout-outs.

The Paid Shout-outs

In case you do not have a social media budget, you may wish to skip over the portion, but these paid shout-outs really can be an excellent way to earn thousands of followers quickly.

With the paid shout-out, you are aiming for the accounts that have higher numbers and solid level of engagement. Ensure to ask for call-to-actions in the shout-outs, in which the Instagram account owner is asking their Instagram followers to actually take actions on something. The best approach is to request their followers to also follow your account.

As you start to gain a few thousand followers, then you can start to drive those Instagram followers to your site, engage with your own brand, as well as subscribe to your own email list.

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3) Build An Email List By Quickly Converting Followers Into Subscribers

Email marketing is important to a flourishing business. The email list is actually made up of customers. They are your fans — people who will buy your services and products.

If you are familiar with the limitations of Instagram, you may be thinking how it’s possible. In any case, Instagram does not allow links in the photo descriptions.

That is where a well-written bio comes into role.

Lots of businesses get it hard to make Instagram followers click the links within their bios as the trend is to overload the bios with … junk. Break this pattern by writing the bio like you would write a Tweet: useful, short, and packed with an intention.

There is a very straightforward secret: Within the bio, use a particular call-to-action along with a terrific URL which takes users to an exclusive page on the site.

Then convert the visitors by making sure the page they finally land on is filled with some value. Ensure to deliver a lot of value to every visitor who clicks your bio link.

Once you have put the system in place to not just attract your Instagram followers to click the link within your bio, but to lead them properly to insanely helpful content, begin driving followers to the bio by including a call-to-action within your image description. Your photo caption will lead to your bio, the bio will lead to your link, and your link will lead to a huge value offer.

4) Create Persuasive Content That Is Worthy Of Getting Shared By Others

Instagram strategies that include creating attractive, easily digestible content which not just resonates with your audiences, but also drives your audience to interact with and share your brand is important, and can really explode your growth.

An excellent Instagram post could be boiled to a formula, which needs two elements: engaging text and beautiful imagery.

Engaging Text

Though you do not need to add text in your Instagram post, doing this packs a punch which a plain image will not offer.

This text can vary anywhere from an attractive question to a motivational, powerful quote. To generate a striking visual utilizing text, you do not need to employ a professional designer. In fact, you can use an app like WORDSWAG to easily and quickly create images.

After you have nailed your content, and you’ve systems in place which will generate email subscribers and Instagram followers, it’s imperative to make sure that the followers are getting engaged with you to capitalize on your reach.

Beautiful Imagery

Select images that elicit emotion or tell a story. The image you shared should not only be interesting and compelling, but it should also elicit emotion and thus drive engagement from the followers.

What it’ll look like for a business will solely depend on the industry, but think out of posting photos of your own services and products. Posting repeatedly about yourself on social media tends to be like being that individual at any party who talks about themselves constantly. Also, beware of the copyright problems. If the photo is not yours, then request permission to utilize it or to source non-attribution-needed photos.

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5) Promote A Community Of Engaged Instagram Followers

Engagement actually comes in many different forms, including the followers sharing your contents, interacting with your content in some way, tagging friends, and clicking your call-to-action. Below are some tactics for promoting a community of engaged Instagram followers.

Post When The Followers Will See Your Content Actually

Have you posted something to your social media account that you believe will do well? Nobody liked the post, no one shared it, and the comments you landed came from spambots only.

While it’s simple to suppose you miscalculated your post’s potential, it can be just that you posted that update at wrong time. Networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are simply feeds: newer the content, higher up it’ll be in the followers’ feeds.

In order to avoid this taking place again, create a pipeline of automatic updates to post when the followers are going to actually see them. You can use Iconsquare to learn when most followers are online. This service analyzes the followers’ activities as well as reports back with best time for scheduling your post.

Posting when the major portion of your Instagram followers is online will make certain that your content works overtime for you.

Request Engagement

Many brands will begin Instagram accounts and get irritated when the people are not engaging with their image.

It seems so simple and obvious, but sometimes really asking for your audiences to engage can make all the differences. You either can include the actions you want the followers to take up as a part of the photo itself, or incorporate it in the descriptions of your posts.

The best strategy? Both … provided that it’s actionable and specific. For example, request them to quickly “double tap” in case they agree with the post, or ask them to tag their friend.

Instagram is a great social media platform with wonderful potential for the businesses in nearly any industry. If you make use of Instagram strategically, then it can have an important impact on your brand awareness, reach, and ultimately the revenues of your company.


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