9 Ways to Ensure Your Next Sale Makes Money on Instagram

  • January 24, 2017

Ever run a sale or offered a coupon on your own Instagram account and had nobody take benefit of it?

It does not actually make sense why the Instagram followers would not use that discount…

There are MANY reasons why a sale on Instagram will not work, and I have seen so many businesses making very simple mistakes.

Most of the people do not know the uncomplicated strategies that they should use before, after, AND during the sale to ensure it is more successful.

The thing is, whilst these strategies are a common sense and after you read them here you will be thinking, “AHH, that really makes sense!”, and they are not obvious to somebody quite new to growing a business or social media marketing.

So if you have ever run any sale on Instagram, which left you confused and frustrated with what you are doing wrong… this lesson is certainly for you.

I am about to tell 9 different things you SHOULD and can do when running the next sale on the Instagram platform to get more and more sales.

1.Have a complete plan for your sales ahead of time

Here, I am talking about a strategy you can make ahead of time. All you’ve to do is to execute when time comes as you’ve everything ready – a copy, timing, graphics, etc.

By having complete plan you’re less stressed and flustered when your sale is going on because you have already done the difficult thinking – all you’ve to do is to post!

Without a proper plan, you can screw up imperative sale and post sequence, which sometimes make you leave out vital details that can make you money.

Your Action Steps

  1. Produce all your links, captions, and graphics before your sale.
  2. Manage all that content in post strategy schedule.

2. Run contest just before the sale

An option to posting engagement post just before your sale, tends to be running a contest.

If done right, your contest can produce a LOT of excitement, hype, engagement, and new Instagram followers to your own account.

When you do it just before your sale, then your Instagram followers are ready to wish for your product, and new followers are hot leads still.

That results in MORE SALES ultimately!

Your Action Steps

  • Select a product that is going to come in the sale – this way when the individuals who entered that contest did not win see that you are running a sale, they will be like, “hey, I did not win a free product, but still I can get one for cheap rates!”

That is great “priming” at work.

  • Also, ensure that one of the main rules of entry in your contest is “tagging a friend” – that way you will get some new Instagram followers before the sale only!

3. Give some context to your sale

You can run a sale totally and 100% just because you think.


If you wish for your sale to really do better, it requires some type of context. The context helps offer clients a reason to purchase.

They will be much more inclined to purchase your swim suit if you are running “cruise season” sale rather than if you run a simple $50 off sale only in the mid of winter.

A few options for the sale context:

  1. seasons
  2. holidays
  3. store launch
  4. special events

The only bad time to run any sale is just when you do not have any context! You have plenty of holidays, seasons, and other reasons why you can run a sale. So, be creative, have some fun and just ensure that it relates as well as makes sense!

Your Action Steps

  • Look at the calendar!

Are any holidays ahead?

Which season is it?

  • Choose one which makes sense with the products you offer and include it in your sale name and the graphics.

4. Offer something that your audience really wants

If you are running a sale for a product which your audience just do not like, then it isn’t going to do well.

If you are offering a discount which isn’t enough worth for your audience, it isn’t going to do great.

Your Action Steps

Prior to you select the details of sale, just ask yourself…

“What do my audience want?” 

Next ask … 

“What am I comfortable offering?”

Find out the balance between both of them!

You’ll learn what your audiences respond well to by running sales overtime. When 15% off on entire store does not work, try 25% off on whole store. If that goes better, you know that it’s going take a larger discount to make them to participate.

Pay attention to whatever your audience cares about and wants. That is your bullet to get your contents to get you the result!

5. Create sense of urgency

Of course, urgency sells.

If you have got an order which requires to be shipped tomorrow, you have got the sense of urgency which is pushing you through whole night getting it completed in time.

However, if you did not have to ship the order for another two months, will you just stop what you are doing to finish it right now?

Maybe not.

So, urgency helps you make that choice. And it works quite similarly with your clients.

Your Action Steps

  • While promoting your sale ensure to include messages such as only “one day sale”.

 This way people will feel that should stop and buy it right now

  • Run flash sale

They are super fast sales that last for a few hours only. They create LOTS of urgency and they are super clear as they will last for a few hours only.

They give your audiences the message, “Buy now or miss it out”.

6.  Change link in bio into direct sales

When promoting any sale on a social media account, YOU’VE TO CHANGE THE LINK IN BIO!

Particularly when we are talking about Instagram where that is the single clickable link.

On Instagram, your promotion will be directing the Instagram followers to click the link, so ensure it sends them on page in your own online shop where sale is happening, and not only to your blog, or your homepage.

Your Action Steps

After your sale promo begin, update the link within your bio in order to take your Instagram followers to your store’s page where sale is taking place.

So if you are running sale on tshirts, then send them directly to your tshirts category page.

If you are running a whole store sale, send them to homepage.

here some useful links:

7. Change the bio CTA too

A small, yet very important thing many sellers forget is to change CTA in their own social media bios.

Make use of that particular space as another chance to DIRECT your Instagram followers to purchase, do not waste it!

Say somebody did not see your last sale promo post, and is a new visitor on your account. What is the FIRST thing that they will look at?


Therefore, don’t think that they saw your previous post – direct them like they were seeing your bio only, and include a Call To Action which tells them to quickly click that link in order to get in your sales.

Your Action Steps

Simply add a straightforward and short CTA to your own Instagram bio.

8. Include CTA in the post graphics

Having a CTA in your bios and captions isn’t enough.

Being humans we’re more visual naturally, so whenever you post about the sale, the very first thing that we notice is the photo, and second is caption under it.

Therefore, to have your base covered and provide the most direction probable, include CTAs in your sales promo photos and your captions!

That way it is SUPER clear and obvious what your Instagram followers must do to buy!

9. Post at right time for best engagement

When you promote your sale is very important.

In case, you post about the sale when your visitors, readers, and followers are not active, you’re just wasting your time. So, let us not do this!

As a sale is a very big deal, you wish to promote it whenever your blog, social media, etc gets MOST views and activities.

There are certain tools that you can utilize to keep a track of your best posting times for the social media, and one such recommended tool is Iconosquare as it is super simple to use and is free as well.

Your Action Steps

  1. Simply log into Iconosquare using your own Instagram account
  2. Find out when you get most engagement from the followers
  3. Use those particular times to plan full post schedule

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