12 Tips To Get More Instagram Likes Quickly

 Instagram likes

If there is one that makes everybody happy on social media, it is getting more likes quickly.

So you have made an Instagram account. Now you are excited about sharing a few of your awesome videos or photos that you have taken which reflect your brand and you’re enthusiastic about earning love from your associated Instagram users. After linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts, you have seen your likes grow – possibly you’ve some hundred likes, but it plateaus. It is at this point you may think that, “This is impossible.”

Well, I have some great news for you today. We will go over some simple way to quickly get your account on Instagram some major credits in form of Instagram likes.


1.  Post Splendid Content

Get more likes on instagram

The key here to getting more Instagram likes is posting really awesome content. For people to keep coming back and liking your photos, they should be confident that you’ll be putting up quality photos and very interesting captions consistently. But, offering your audiences what they want to see does not mean that you’ve to post same kind of photographs again and again. Let us be real, this can become a bit boring. So, switch up your subjects and angles which keeping real to your brand.

2. Have A Theme

Lots of successful accounts on Instagram have a theme which carries throughout every photo. Ask yourself, what’s my thing exactly? This can mean you’re location based or perhaps you’re a small restaurant who wants to show up its tasty menu.


Whatever your thing is – just stick to it. All your followers wish to see constancy and in turn, they will trust your Instagram account to meet their expectations. Simply think, if you are following a fashion account, you would be thrown off probably by suddenly seeing a photo of blueberry muffins!

3. Tell A Good Story With Your Captions

After clicking killer photos, editing them and getting them ready to share, it can be simple to let the captions slip. However, do not fall in the trap. A caption is a vital part of your photograph. Telling a story using your caption offers your Instagram followers some insight in you as a specialist and context of the photograph. The finest combination is having an attractive photo and an interesting caption to go with it.

4. Engage With Followers

All your followers wish to know that they have a live, real person behind the awesome photographs on their feeds. What can be a better way to tell them you are not a bot than by engaging with them. It is an excellent way to make them know and understand that you really appreciate their Instagram comments and likes . How about checking their accounts and sharing your love by also liking their photos that catch your eyes. This does not mean going and spamming your followers Instagram accounts, but creating a relationship by simply acknowledging their presence and talent on Instagram as a return for their likes on your photos.

5. Stick To Schedule

It is important that your Instagram followers know that when should they expect a new photograph from you. Rhythm and consistency is the key. Most of this will depend on how many photos you’ve to post. Making a content calendar for the Instagram account can do great wonders to keep things organized. This can make a big difference in your likes on Instagram count.

The very last thing that you wish for is to update your Instagram account twice in a day and then vanish for weeks. While going for a break from the social media may not appear like a very big deal; however, it’ll get in your way of getting more likes and building a following.

Read more about: How To Schedule Your Instagram Posts

6. Hashtags

Hashtags have been noticed as one among the most excellent tools in order to assist get more and more Instagram views on your posts. While it is an excellent way to get your content noticed by the users who are not following your Instagram account, it isn’t the best approach always to get more likes. Using broad Hashtags like #dog or #love will not get you as much of exposure as you would hope, as these photographs are buried by the more recent photos quickly from other users. Using more targeted, unique hashtags that talk about your account’s theme will do more good than utilizing lots of broad ones. Although hashtags are an excellent way to reach to strangers, they must be related to content you’re posting. Utilizing too many hashtags might appear like you’re trying too hard. So, find the ideal balance by using 2-3 hashtags which define your photos are attempting to convey.

7. Use Explorer Tool

Using Explorer tool will open you feeds to exciting and new photographs that you likely would not have found yourself. By engaging with people other than your followers, you’re getting a new level of online visibility for your Instagram account. Wish to get your photo on Explore Page? The two factors that will influence your probabilities include: amount of engagement in terms of comments and Instagram likes and amount of time to get the engagement after you posted the photo.

When you comment and respond actively to your followers, you’re creating a very engaging conversation, which can help you boost the number of comments on your photos. This highly positive reinforcement means that you’ve a higher possibility of getting your photos featured on Explore Page.

8. Branded Hashtags

They are becoming a key thing on Instagram. Lots of brands are using branded hashtags in order to engage with any theme related to their audiences. The brands encourage their own community to tag photos with hashtags, whether the product tends to be featured or not. Simply by creating branded hashtags, you can generate real brand loyalty between your community and you. The brand will advantage by boosting your exposure to new clients and you clients will advantage from the great love they get from your brand’s engagement. It is an excellent way to engage with your own brand and display some user generated contents on your brand page.

9. Work With Guest Instagrammers

Instagram celebrities are people who have big number of likes. They are also known as influencers. They get hundreds and thousands of likes on their photos. If you are a brand or a business, teaming up with any Instagram celebrity could be quite advantageous. They can utilize your Instagram account to post their photos or you can easily send your sample products. In this way, their followers can quickly get to know about you too.

10. Host A Contest

Hosting a contest often is the most effective method to increase engagement and get more Instagram likes quickly. Since Instagram has become so popular, it is a great platform to run contests.

11. Share Teasers

For businesses looking to release products can share them on the Instagram platform. They can even do so for upcoming events. The teasers are an excellent way to get more Instagram likes as well as draw more interest from users.

12. Take Benefit Of Instagram Bio

Do not neglect your bio on Instagram. Use the space to feature a CTA, web links and branded hashtags. Better still, you can use ShortStack to create an Instagram campaign which you can update easily without needing to change the links in the bio daily.

If these tips seem time taking for you and you wish to increase the Instagram likes on your photos more quickly, you can go and buy Instagram likes from a trustworthy Social Media Marketing company like HubPeak.


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