9 Instagram Hacks You Should Know About

  • January 5, 2017

Instagram has seen an incredible growth over the last few years. Therefore, more and more businesses are now flocking to this visuals driven app, in hope of reaching younger demographic. Most if the businesses have done quite well in learning Instagram fundamentals, but they have scratched the surface only.

If you have been limiting your business/brand to posting a picture only with hastily written captions, it is time to take a few more steps. Start using these 9 Instagram hacks in order to become more efficient social media marketers:

Make The Bio Link Active

You get a clickable link for your Instagram account; however, you can change the like as you would like. Rather than using the URL of your home page and not touching it again, make use of your bio’s link to promote special promotion or latest content. Create a post(s) on Instagram with call to actions to click link in the bio.

This hack makes it simpler to calculate social media traffic coming to particular pages from this platform.

Another great method is to collect email subscribers. You may split test various offers and landing pages to find out which provides you the best result.

Add Line Break in Your Bio And Captions

Have you scrolled through your feeds on Instagram ever and seen a post with a very long caption, without line breaks? Possibilities are that you kept scrolling only, without giving it another look.

Such text on Instagram may be difficult to skim and read. Luckily, there is a hack which lets you turn the ugly text into well-organized paragraphs. For the Android users, you may just make use of return button on keyboard to generate line breaks. Unluckily, iOS users do not have this option, but here is the way to do it.

Since, you cannot add line break within Instagram application on your iPhone, therefore you will need to use another app to write the caption. Most of the notepad apps work. Next, write the Instagram caption how you deired it to appear exactly on the app, along with the line breaks. Copy text and then paste it in your Instagram post.

Resize Your Photos

Do you’ve a photo which you took sometime before that you think would be ideal for Instagram? Do not rush to simply post it. Firstly, ensure that it is sized and cropped correctly. You can do so manually by cropping the photos to fit the dimensions of Instagram, but a better way is to make use of Landscape.

It’s a free tool which resizes your photo to fit on Instagram perfectly. First, upload the photo you wish to resize, and choose the social media network you wish to upload to. Next select the size you wish your photo to be.

Complete it by cropping your photo to get the correct look, and you are all set to go!

If you’ve photos you took with your digital camera and wish to share those photos on Instagram, this Instagram hack will ensure that you do not lose quality while you upload it.

Learn The Instagram’s Lingo

A great method to make it simple for people to discover your contents on Instagram is to use hashtag. Unlike the other social media networks like Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter, you cannot search for keyword in Instagram. Rather, you search by the hashtags.

Therefore, if you want the marketing-related posts to come up when the people are searching, then you’d include hashtag #marketing within your posts.

Other than niche specific hashtags, now there are a few universal ones that can give more visibility to your posts. Here are a few famous hashtags that could be utilized by any brands on a constant basis.

  1. #instagood
  2. #tbt
  3. #picoftheday and #photooftheday
  4. #selfie
  5.  #like4like
  6. #foodstagram
  7. #nofilter

Tag Influencers And Regram

Sharing content from the other users is an excellent way to build great relationships on social networks. Pinterest has Repins. Twitter has Retweets. But Instagram does not have an in-built feature to reshare the post by other users. However that does not mean that it isn’t possible.

There are many Instagram apps like Repost and Websta for Instagram that can help you repost the image from other users even without needing to take screenshots or cropping.

Whenever you repost another person’s user’s photo, ensure that you tag them into the caption so that they get a notification, and to credit original source.

Use the Correct Apps

Part of the Instagram’s appeal tends to be its simplicity; however, that comes at some cost. Due to the minimalist approach of Instagram, you do not get some features that will assist you become a more competent marketer, like video editing and advanced image.

To go beyond Instagram’s basic features, you will need the assistance of a few external applications. With so many apps to select from, you can promptly use up the phone’s storage in testing different apps.

Be an Amateur Photographer

As you don’t need to pay for the photography classes, so learning a few basic skills can avoid your photos from looking as they were clicked using an old flip phone. Below are a few excellent Instagram hacks for the beginners to click better photos:

  1. Make use of natural lighting: We have all seen dark photographs with bad or no lighting on Instagram. Such photos don’t be prominent and look very low quality. Do you know that Sunlight is Instagram’ nature filter! Give your photos a more professional appearance by opening up blinds or going out to get as much of natural light as probable.
  2. Select a focal point: The photos must have a very clear focus point that your photo centers around actually. Whether it is a product, person or another object, select a focal point always for every photo to provide your pictures more clarity and direction.
  3. Color matters: Vibrant and beautiful colors can make your pictures really show up. When you are taking pictures, search for settings which have striking colors, instead of a monotone colors scheme that simply mixes together.
  4. Get right angle: Changing your photo’s angle can change the outcome drastically. Most of the people default in a head on angles, looking in front directly. But taking a view from close up, higher up or below can add a remarkable look to your posts.
  5. Add white space: Rather than trying to crowd the photos with as many substances as possible, at times it can be useful to use white spaces to make your photographs look less busy and crisper.
  6. Do not over-edit: You must not spend hours on editing a picture using photoshop for Instagram. Photographs that have been altered drastically come off as unnatural and fake.

Customize Your Instagram Feeds

Many brands have become innovative with the way in which they use grid-style feed of Instagram. One among the most famous tactics we have seen is generating full-sized banners from multiple posts.

Nowadays, there are many apps out there that make it simple to make Instagram banners. The manner they work is simply by taking a complete photo, and dividing it into separate Instagram sized posts.

In addition, you should be watchful about how your Instagram post looks next to one another. You want to maintain a visual consistency within your feeds. A few users love to stick to particular style or color scheme of the photo.

Find Users With Same Size Audiences

Doing outreach on the Instagram app is an excellent way to increase your audiences. The mistake many people make is just reaching out to top tier accounts only with a larger following. Based on the circumstances, this might work sometimes. But to get better outcomes, try sticking to the users with audience size that is similar to yours.

The reason behind it is that there must be a little exchange of value too. When you are reaching out to individuals with similar sized following, then there is a flat trade off. However when one Instagram account has 5,00,000 Instagram followers while other has 100, then the relationship is leaning towards one side clearly. Also, remember that Instagram accounts with bigger audiences get approached often for shoutouts and collaborations, so they are aware of the worth they get.

There are a few exceptions. For example, if you’ve less number of follower, but your audiences are very engaged, that is a benefit that bigger brands will find attractive. Consider what your brand/business can provide when you are reaching out for collaborations or shoutouts.


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