A Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Analytics

  • December 20, 2016

 Instagram Analytics

If you are running a social media campaign for any brand, then Instagram analytics is what you should pay attention to. When you put lots of effort and time in your Instagram strategy, you want to find where the efforts are actually paying off. It’ll allow you to reflect on what content and tactics work for you. You can plan your future campaigns by using this information. How your videos on Instagram do? What type of things did the Instagram followers responded to? What hashtags work great for your brand? All these questions can be answered easily with Instagram analytics.

What is Instagram Analytics?

What is Instagram Analytics

When considering how to measure social media success on Instagram, analytics is the right place to begin. Without measuring your efforts on social media, how will you find if your social media strategy is working? Make use of analytics to set up baseline target, and then create long and short term objectives to work towards. The Instagram analytics should be included definitely in all your social media network analytics reporting. Though there are many variations to the list based on your business and brand goals, they are some common things to focus on in your Instagram analytics approach:

  1. Likes and comments
  2. Instagram Followers
  3. Hashtag use
  4. Mentions
  5. Click through rate of your bio’s URL
  6. Demographics
  7. Frequency of posting
  8. Sales via Instagram
  9. Engagement as per time

While knowing what you should pay your notice to is important, it is vital to know the reason why the Instagram analytics matter. Let’s find out why:

You may be thinking you are doing well – coating with Instagram approach without considering analytics and metrics. But there’s value also in knowing how the content is doing, whether all your efforts and your time are paying off or not. Instagram analytics matter as they let you:


  1. Learn the best time to publish
  2. Gain new insight
  3. Find and recognize social media influencers
  4. Predict engagement
  5. Get competitive edge over competitors
  6. See what content gains most engagement

Analytics is the single largest guiding factor to success on social media. Next you should understand how to approach this analytics for your own business or brand.

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How To Track Instagram Analytics?

how to track Instagram analytics

Knowing how to track your Instagram analytics tends to be a skill which most of the social media experts will have to master. However, understanding where to begin can be overwhelming. You can apply the following steps in your plan of Instagram analytics:

  1. Clarify your social media objectives. What do you wish to achieve with social media?
  2. Audit your present social media approach and evaluate what works and what does not.
  3. Create a content strategy. Find who your audience actually is and what kind of content will you post.
  4. Utilize reports to track your progress and verify them often to see how the campaign is doing.

Integrated in the above steps is the reflection of Instagram analytics. There are many tools that can assist you capitalize on this process. Some of them include:


It’s a free tools which lets you log in through desktop and view main Instagram analytics easily such as best performing content, likes, comments, best time to post, demographics, followers growth, followers you lost and filters that work best for content engagement based on the weekly information. You can also see your accounts overall analytics information and even for specific posts.


It ensures that your social strategy is greatly fuelled by the results and not assumptions, boasting accurate analytics. While paid version is surely comprehensive, the free tools incorporate Fan Base Predictor, Twitter Analyser, Instagram Analyser, Facebook Page Analyser to offer a fast overview of your performance and profile. Instagram Analyser allows you to discover how you are performing when it comes to engagement and growth. It also has a visually attracting interface which offers basic metrics you should know.

Social Rank

It now includes a good Instagram analytics option. With followers’ centric services, Social Rank lets you sort out and filter followers quickly by location, most engaged, keyword, most valued, etc. This insight lets you understand what your audiences want in order that you may plan your future contents.

With these simple to use tools, now you’ve wealth of information available at your fingertips. Make use of the insights offered via Instagram analytics not only to reflect on your previous content, but also plan your future campaign.

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