What Is Influence Score And How To Increase For Your Instagram Account?

  • January 5, 2017

Back then, influence score was determined according to number of views on your own counter widget when being savvy means having your official Geocities website. The introduction of social media platforms like Instagram led to have something more to measure – the influence score. The influence is judged according to the resonance and reach to the audience. The criteria to make social media influence is still the same over the years. One thing which is changed is the potential of online community. Once social media becomes a multipurpose tool for business owners, the influence becomes the way to evaluate potential customers. For social media experts, gaining influence is the top priority.

About Influence Score

If you want to stimulate word of mouth discussion with your campaign to promote your brand or product, one question that strikes in mind – how influential are you on Instagram? If you are wondering how to benchmark or estimate your social media influence, a lot of brands like PeerIndex, Klout, and Kred are here to help you in connecting with and finding the influencers that have huge influence scores.  Even though you don’t have to connect with influencers right away, you still have to know the influence score of your brand.

Online Influence – What Does it Mean?

Online Influence is also known as social capital. Well, what is online influence? Can it be measured in number? Around a few years ago, the Alexa rank of a website was considered as a badge of honor. But most marketers didn’t know that the score had neither business value nor scientific basis.

Can HR professionals, online marketers and webmasters depend on such influence scoring services to detect influencers? Are these scores sensible?

For social media marketing, online influence is actually the capacity to control the behavior of visitors in a way which leads to business results, directly or indirectly. Here’s how influence is defined for social media marketing.

In target market, the marketers are known to identify the influencers and use them to enhance words of mouth recommendations and brand advocacy. Several stories are considered to be more effective and credible than advertising messages.  Words of mouth can spread through social media under right circumstances.

Marketers who are active in social media for some time may know it very well about the key influencers in target market. Even then, it is always wise to have third party to confirm if there is any assumption.

How Online Influence Helps?

An individual should have audience as their message can easily reach others. The potential reach of message in social media rely on various factors, such as number of real followers (fans, friends and connections) an individual holds when it comes to post the message. It is always wise to insure to bury the bad news and send the press release on evening of every Friday.

A lot of social networks like Google+ and Facebook prioritize display of posts for followers according to the interaction between the author of the post and the follower. Keep in mind that there is no lack of fake followers on the web. Some brands buy fake followers in bulk as they suffer from size anxiety. Spam bots are another category of such followers that follow users automatically in order to distribute spam links.

Resonate is a nuanced concept in itself. The message published should clearly resonate with the recipient if it was not enough. Is the receiver interested in the topic the post is shared with? Is the content posted timely? Is the author has credibility because of personal relationship?  The recipient was thinking too sometimes. Is the message loved for its style or tone (sarcasm, irony, humor)? Is the message genuine?

If message resonates to a certain extent, it will definitely have succeeded to capture the attention of a recipient. No small feat is soaked with messages anymore. We all know the message resonates if a receiver is urged to connect with it. It is the best part of internet marketing. Here’s what is included in most social interactions –

  1. Sponsoring an update or post (favorite, like, +1)
  2. Commenting on a status update or post (reply, comment)
  3. Sharing an update or post (re-tweet or forward)
  4. Playing shared video
  5. Clicking on shared link

In case of messages from a BFF, a user may follow the original author, become their friend or circle a person.

Business Results count

For professionals and businesses using social media as a tool for marketing, engagement should enhance business outcomes. In order to capture the data, we have to use Google Analytics, URL Shorteners, or influence scoring tools.

How Influence Scoring Services Work?

Influence Score systems may have their unique presence in execution and planning of social media campaign. In order to understand both strengths and weakness of them, it is vital to know how they work to explain the score to the boss. It is true for the professionals who wish to keep influence scores in mind when it comes to make hiring decisions.

  • Organize & Extract Collected Data

Followers, profiles, interactions and posts should be extracted from the data. In order to connect the profile of specific person across several social sites, it is important to make an attempt.

  • Collect Social Data

First of all, influence score system should collect raw data from the web. It is the first step for ranking service to perform. It is more complex than what you think of. Basically the service would crawl all the leading social sites, forums, blogs, review sites, Q&A sites, review and other sites where one can add UGC. A lot of services took the way of least resistance. Their scoring is limited for a lot of profiles from single source as it is structured well and available from DataSift and GNIP.

Most of the Facebook data goes off-limits unless a user gives permission to the influence measurement solution explicitly. Details from blogs hosted on several domains like Blogger and WordPress.com must be easy to be added and several self-hosted blogs can be found by blog directories and blog-roll analysis. Since the web is getting dynamic, the process of data collection should be consistent and it is important to identify variations from the last cycle of data collection.

  • Implement Good Algorithm

Each company has its own way to choose the weight they have to give to comments, sharing, and social media endorsements and so on. Do endorsement weighs less than shares and comments as it needs only a click? Does a comment make more sense, less or same than a share? Is a share by a well-known personality counting more than a friend’s share?

The basic aspects available to the scoring solutions are not complex at all. It is also about how they can be combined to define a social capital of the user. The scoring method has been changed by Klout in October 11, just to change it back on August 2012. Generally, influence score providers are reluctant in sharing this info in detail because their scoring algorithm is one of the important differentiators against competitors. According to them, having too much transparency would be helpful for those who are working actively to improve their scores.

Kred, PeerIndex and Klout give overviews about methodology. Kred is considered to be more transparent than others and Kred shows points related to each element and it relates to the score which can be seen by clicking the panel of Total Influence points in story layout. The introduction of Klout related to moments in August 2012 update must close some of the most awaited transparency gaps.

When it comes to the view of PeerIndex on transparency, credit scoring is considered as analogy by CEO Azeem Azhar. According to him, it is wise to know about the inputs and the process of data gathering and you don’t actually have to know the weight collected into each input.

On the other side, the visual presentation of events related to the Kred score of a person, Kred Story is the latest iteration of Kred to demonstrate transparency. On each item, the detail relates to the store which is now available with one click. It is known as zooming in by Kred. The presentation seems to be very overwhelming when compared to more limited, older table view.

In addition, the difference between different kinds of data shown on visual dashboard is not clear actually. The posts of you and your friends are mixed with the lists of locations, top tags, and communities and so on. When Kred Story may be helpful in serendipitous discovery of information, the blurred flow of vision is not likely to lend to analyze glance.

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Services Displaying Social Scores

Preliminarily, each social scoring service showcases the composite score of each individual in the form of badge. Actually, it seems to be the badge which serves basically to promote service.  An individual context-free metric is not likely to say enough on the usefulness of potential influencer. No details are available about their authority on specific domain and it also doesn’t convey the details on demographics of followers’ community.

The badge score is a lot like simple solution for many online marketers. Each scoring service is likely to break out to the composite score of a user in several sub-scores. Here’s what Klout describes:

  1. Amplification – Amplification is the way how much people are influenced by you. When you update a status, see how many people respond and share it ahead. Having high amplification score means more people are responding to your content.
  2. True Reach – Your True Reach defines the number of people influenced by you. The bots and spam are filtered and you may want to focus more on people who act on your content. When a message is posted, these people are likely to respond.
  3. Network Impact – Network showcases the influence of people in True Reach. It describes how often leading influencers share and respond to the content. When it is done, your network score can be increased.

There are two scores described by Kred

  1. Influence Score – This way, you have to assess the frequency of Re-tweets, Mentions, Replies, and Follows on Twitter. On Facebook account connected to Kred profile, influence score can be calculated with the interaction of people with content on the walls of others registered their account with Kred. Kred counts Facebook interactions like Mentions, Posts, Shares, Likes and Event Invites.
  2. Outreach – The Outreach can be measured by Replies, Retweets and Mentions by others on Twitter. By connecting your Facebook account to Kred profile, you can estimate outreach score for the interactions on walls of others and your walls. Kred counts interactions like Mentions, Posts, Likes and Comments. The Outreach Score always increases and it is cumulative.

Here’s how sub-scores are described by PeerIndex

  1. Audience – It usually indicates your reach related to the size of audience with the size of others’ audience. When it comes to calculate Audience score, not only the number of people is counted who follow you, instead it generates from the people who can be impacted by actions and they are receptive to what you say.
  2. Activity Score – It is related to the communities you join. Your community members are likely to stop engaging and get tired if you become too active and take spread a specific topic. They may no longer want to engage with a long matter. This behavior is counted on Activity Score.
  3. Authority – It calculates trust and how much people follow your opinion and recommendations on specific or general topics.

Scores Split into Communities and Topics

Each service associates the individuals with theme-based communities and their score is calculated according to the community members. When Kred gives preference to communities and hides them behind blue arrow opposite to Global Kred count, Klout is based on themed topics like PeerIndex.

Though this kind of semantic analysis is welcomed, it can be missed or hit. According to Klout, your analysis is influential related to Poker and Hurricanes and it is very unlikely in both of the cases. Even though it seems that they are right on the topics identified, such as Google Analytics, SEO and Social Media. When general people rely on catch-all badge score, most marketer look at the rank of individual in the topic.

Identifying Influencers

It is important for marketers to influence the influencers and it also funds services. Each service is offering to choose influencers related to specific campaign of marketing. Kred needs using hashtags, keywords, community, location or combination of them in order to notice influencers.

Participants May be Scored Higher than Others

According to Klout, adding more networks may be helpful to measure influence accurately and increase score.  People adding Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites will score more than those who don’t participate in Kred, Klout and PeerIndex.  When Kred, Klout or PeerIndex is used, you need to know about them. Though not most, a lot of the profiles showcase the activity of user.

Measuring Social Influence

There are different levels when social media influence works. Online influence showcases better engagement for businesses with customers along with smart strategy on social media. On personal level, social influence describes advanced digital skills and the way to create compelling content. For the owners of business, better social influence of the social accounts of company can improve the visibility of your brand in online community and boost your social messaging reach. This is why you should invest your resources in social media manager or social media team.

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Tools to Measure Social Media Influence

Around a few years back, we didn’t even have any idea how to find out how you are doing well in social media despite having number of friends or followers on your social account, and the number of favorites and likes you get on average. We have a lot of sensible metrics like engagement and reach with which we can assess how social networks are managed. You can access a lot of tools to measure your social media influence. Each tool has a unique method to determine your social outreach.

For instance, you can see the Klout score of each user when you view their profile in Hoootsuite dashboard. On the other side, Klout rates social media influence of the user from 1 to 100 according to the level of engagement and reach of the user with audience. The higher the score, the wider the influence!

Klout is considered to be the simple approach to determine social influence of someone. Number doesn’t justify the score. Tools to measure social influence don’t lead you to a verdict, but, at least, show the statistics in metrics like engagement, reach, number of re-tweets, sentiments and you can make your mind on the level of influence of the user.


Audience measurement is the major focus of this social influence measurement tool. With this app, you can hunt for the influencers in the field through keyword or hashtag and filter them by geo location. Like Klout, Peerindex showcases the score based on the activity of user on social media, influence of their social media following and the engagement of other users.


This tool measurres the social media influence according to the interactions of other users with content shared by an individual. The profile is ranked by this tool according to the amount of social content shared. In return, the influence of user is also measured who shares the same. These metrics are used by Topsy in order to determine the reach of your content and reach can help determine the relative value of that part of content.

However, the influence measurement functions of Topsy are not obvious as always.  The “Influencer” search is the most explicit signal where a topic keyword is added to find out who is an expert.  Searching by other category also showcases the most influential content and overall sentiment related to the topic, along with the trend on the last month. In addition, the Analytics tool by Topsy can target the overall influence trend of domain names, users or three keywords. The trend search can be interesting for the ones who wish to compare social influence to the competitors.

Hootsuite Insights

Also known as Hootsuite, the Hootsuite Insights surfaces influencers who are driving conversations actively in real time. Instead of basing the influence vastly on the followers count, the influence is determined by the Insights according to the relevance to the particular search terms. It reveals the in-depth insight to the influencers who are driving conversation on your company, brand or product and increase engagement and extend reach. This way, you can easily connect with and find the individuals who are influential on most important topics for you, not the ones with large social media followings.


Like Klout, Kred also gives a score to your social media account. The score includes both outreach and influence. Influence is related to the amount of retweets, mentions and replies and outreach is based on mentions, replies and retweets sent by you. You can see the Global Kred with this social influence measurement tool. You can also check the breakdown of your score on various fields in order to boost influence or reach or a specific type of professional. Other users can also be endorsed which help improve Global score.

Kred also has a map that showcases geographical locations and it also shows the highest social media influence. It is known to be beneficial for the businesses which want to expand to another region. It summarizes the best performing posts of your account and it also mentions the summary for every month to find out the most interactions with the users.


It determines the social influence according to the stats collected by Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also have the way to search influencers by location, skills or name. If you are going to hire and also wish to check the social influence of someone, you may look them by name. The Twtrland profile of the user shows the influential fields they are in. It showcases the overview of top content along with influential users in the network. When the basic measurement is free, the Pro users can easily access the in-depth analysis of network. If you want to connect with the professionals, you can easily see the social accounts of users seem to be more influential. If you want to expand to other areas or want social influencers in your field, it also showcases similar fields.


If you have lots of content to spread and generate and if you want to find influence at wide level, TweetReports is the best tool. This tool will help you set up hashtags, keywords and brand message that will be sent to you in a detailed report. The “Sentiment Analysis” report is yet an amazing feature that shows neutral, positive and negative tweets regarding selected subject.


This tool lets you to find out who is going to participate in trending topics. This is the unique feature of this tool that you cannot find in anything else. It can track activity among the topics to find out when something is fizzling out or enjoying popularity.

Data Sift and Gnip

These tools are the ideal additions in Social Crawlytics to analyse and sort ddata in different ways to get specific details on what users share and how often people respond.

Social Crawlytics

With this tool, you cannot just find influencers according to standard search options, but you can also view the content which is most shared in order to get better insight on what they want to spread.

Cision Index

Rather than focusing on social networks like Instagram, Cision Index is based on blog viewership and blogs. You can find most influential and popular bloggers and search blogs by category to connect with.

Influencers Program

With just 300 influencers, these key people are utilized in different ways with the LinkedIn Influencers Program. It detects the top influencers and label in a way that people seek them to collect information. You can search influencers by topic or search all of them. You can easily check who is engaging and connecting with influencers. It is one of the best parts of this tool. Generally, these are the people who are into your content.


This tool is helpful to increase engagement of the influencers by getting deeper into analytics and it provides in-depth insights like when your followers tweet, who your followers are, and widely used keywords. It can also be used to look for the influencers based on certain phrases and words.

Circle Count

Like Followerwonk in Twitter, Circle Count is the best tool used to look for the most followed and most viewed profiles on a specific topic for Google+ users, along with the most popular posts. This tool is used to find more details about the individual, such as links to the profiles on other networks, history graph of followers, profile rank and average activity.


It is more than just an analytics tool or search tool. You can easily manage your influencers and see the updates of all influencers shared by them.


It is a very prestigious tool which is used to develop Forbes Magazine reports. It is based on understanding the art and driving conversation at the level which is higher than shares, re-tweets and likes.


This tool covers little of everything and provides analytics and search functions for the widest range of social media sites. You can also make your influencers’ tribe.

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3 Simple Steps to Measure Instagram Influence Competitive Leaderboard – A Comprehensive View

On the visually oriented network, you should get a vast overview of influence by considering these numbers –

  1. Followers’ Count – Number of people who like to see your content every day. It is the traditional approach to influence on all social networks.
  2. Brand Posts – It is not that important to measure influence. But it is vital when all the brand posts are considered. It shows how the amount correlates to your posting.
  3. Instagram Engagement – You can find out how many posts have great engagements with either comments or likes. As compared to follower count, it goes a step deeper as it helps to measure not only the number of people viewing the content, but also the number of people connecting with the content sensibly and going to interact with it.
  4. Engagements with Other Channels (Interactions with IG Posts on Twitter, Facebook etc.) – It is pertinent especially for those brands that are strongest on IG or/and very visually oriented. It is about the relation of your IG content with other networks.

Always keep in mind that your numbers are not going to be available in vacuum. You have to ensure that you are getting the number of competitors too and for the context on the range of influence. It is about how far you can go and how close you are to your competitors to catch up with you.

Volume of Hashtag Mentions

If you use Instagram without hashtags, you might be missing out the most important part of social media to gain influence and the approach to measure your reach. Here, you have to pull data on the hashtag mentions to find out how the hashtag-promoting efforts in your efforts will be paying off. Which posts have more traction for your photos, brand and videos? How many hashtag mentions you get on a particular period? Is volume decreasing, increasing or staying intact? Unlike Facebook or Twitter, the feed of Instagram user will not tell what hashtags are trending. It is also more impressive rather than getting your hashtag getting viral over the web.

Total Mentions with Potential Impressions

How many times your posts are seen by other Instagram users? It is known as Potential Impressions. You have to measure how many mentions you will get on your hashtags and the impressions of the hashtag in order to know how both of them correlate and how many people are having an eye on you. It is yet another way to say how much influence you are getting on Instagram.

Using Picture.io to Measure Your Instagram Influence

In order to measure Instagram influence, Picture.io is known to be the best and free web application which is based on visual content and various entities like comments, engagements likes etc. When Instagram account is connected with this app, it will analyze the whole amount automatically and give the influence score by determining the impact of contents on Instagram. This app shows your 9 photos that are most popular on Instagram. It also shows ten all-time users who have highest influence score and the top ten users on IG by comments and likes.  These leaderboards are helpful to compare your score with top users and view popular contents of them.

Steps to Use Picture.io to Measure Your IG Influence

  1. Visit official Picture.io homepage and choose “Sign in with Instagram” button and connect to Instagram Account. Authorize the access to account info to proceed.
  2. After connecting your account, it will analyze the contents directly and generate social media influence score for you right away. You can check influence score in connect your account. The influence score varies according to the impact of contents. The more effective your content is, the more the influence score is on Instagram.
  3. Go to influence score section below and choose the “Most Popular Photos” section. Here, you can see 9 content or pictures which are most popular according to likes, engagement and comments.
  4. It will show you the leaderboard for 10 top users of all time with highest scores, 10 top users by comments on homepage and 10 top users with highest likes before connecting you to Instagram account. Under “Sign in with Instagram” option, you can see all the leaderboards.
  5. Click on any user name and see the influence score on the leaderboard. You can also see the number of followers, posts, following as well as the 9 most popular pictures of you.

Picture.io is quite an amazing application with which you can determine your influence score on this social platform. It analyzes tour account automatically according to different aspects like engagements, likes and comments in order to generate influence score. It also shows 9 most popular pictures among all the photos posted on Instagram.

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Important Areas of Instagram Marketing – What to Measure and When

Since Instagram keeps being fairly new for the businesses, a lot of companies are searching for brands which have very successful strategies for inspiration and using the best and latest features of Instagram is ensuring that they are getting the most of this platform. Content measurement is one of the major aspects of IG marketing campaign. Before measuring, you have to know the purpose of your campaign to ensure that your efforts for content management are not wasted. Once your goals are finalized, how the impact of such amount would be measured? Here’s when, how and what to measure in the important aspects of Instagram marketing.

  • Growth in Number of Followers

What to Measure?

If you are going to publish content on regular basis but followers are not going to hike at decent pace, it is the time to reevaluate your strategy on Instagram. The growth in number of followers is supposed to be the important indicator of the success of your campaign as it can be helpful to show audience generated from your campaign. If you are going to run influencer program, it is important for the followers to be increased accordingly as the right influencer can inspire the followers to get started on the bandwagon of your brand.

When to Measure?

It is always wise to see your follower’s growth every month or once your campaign is finished. By measuring your campaign every month, you can get an insight to the immediate trends in the follower growth to stay on top of. It is always wise to look at the growth in every quarter. This way, you can get to see the bigger picture of growth trend you are going to see and what it could relate to.

How to Measure?

You can simply get an insight on the correlation between uptick in followers and running the campaign or you can just get a step ahead and look at which of the followers grown up. These are some of the free tools and websites like SumAll or Iconosquare which can provide such insights to you.

  • Engagement


You may definitely want to enhance engagement with the users who are sharing and gazing at your IG posts. Are your posts getting comments and likes? You have to go deeper as these are first success metrics for you. User generated content is the important part of Instagram. There are lots of benefits of user-generated content, especially because it’s authentic and people creating them are usually loyal to the brand. You have to look at the total posts created by the followers and number or people reached such posts.  You can always get a deeper insight of community and get some additional knowledge hopefully about your community.


Measuring user engagement is completely skewed because it is based on goals of your campaign. With lots of metrics already discussed, it is always wise to set your benchmarks or goals first to compare on quarterly, monthly and annual basis. Here, you can have a different answer as whether your efforts are working or not in your best interest of the brand.


When measuring followers, likes and comments makes sense to get an insight on user engagement immediately, the relative engagement is the real truth behind it. This metric is helpful to evaluate posts on the field by determining the interactions on posts when compared to the following of user to find out how much the post resonates with the viewers. Relative Engagement can help you measure the post success of your brand by category and topic, identify posts which resonate with your community at its best, know the key influencers among brand campaign, hashtag, or trending topic and to forecast how effective your influencer’s post and your post is.

In order to take it a step ahead and find out specific part of content which were successful for the campaign, pIQ Score can easily be used. With this metric, a post is rated with a score according to the degree of engagement received by a post and the number of followers you got.  When it comes to know the influential users measuring the success of your brand content, talking about your brand, seeking conversations for brand and tracking trends in a visual content that is highly engaging are very important.

  • Performance of Hashtags


If hashtags need to be focused more, you have to measure the ones which are unique for the campaign that is held by you. It can be measured as mentions. You can also take a step ahead and look at the hashtags used with most interaction.


There are different tools out there to determine the performance of your hashtag. If you want to look at the volume of hashtags from the campaign, Tagboard is the best tool you can use. With the help of Tagboard, all the usage of the specific hashtag can be seen across all the channels of social media and you can easily filter to see the performance of Instagram in that case. Hashtracking is yet another tool that can provide similar analytics and one can easily use historical hashtag data and real-time reporting which can help compare with existing analytics.

In order to go deeper in hashtag analytics, Union Metrics can be used to see what kinds of hashtags have most amounts of interactions. It is useful especially when you want to see the hashtags that can promote most engagement in each post.


Hashtag Campaigns are tied most likely to the timely events and it is wise to measure the performance of hashtags both after and during the event of the period when you promote your hashtag. Suppose you are hosting a contest, you have to keep track of the results during the campaign in order to ensure that you are engaging and interacting with community in real time. Basically, you have to look at the performance of hashtag once in a month to ensure staying in the loop.

  • Clickthrough with URLs


Does Bio section of Instagram Page have a URL in your campaign? You need to monitor clickthrough rate on your Instagram. This way, it shows how Instagram drives people to something your brand promotes or to the website. You have to consider that it is the only place where you can attract traffic to your site with the link and you can take the benefit of it.


Just use bit.ly link to do it. It will help find out the number of users clicked from Instagram directly.


It relies on the goals you set by you for the campaign. If you are going to run a time-based campaign which is specific to your bio link, you have to measure the visits to the site from Instagram during the campaign. You have to ensure that you can get the most of any trends or opportunities which are likely to evolve through the campaign. For instance, a company may submit the bio which has the link on the bio. You may ask the users to click the link to know more. Additionally, some of the business chooses to leave the link in the bios for a long time period, such as link to the site.  One can measure it on monthly, weekly, quarterly and annual basis. It is recommended to check more often to grow with opportunities if link is not doing well.

When the tips above are not just the set of tools and metrics out there to help you measure the results of your marketing efforts on Instagram, they can provide a lot of information about your channel performance and campaign. It is really very important to focus on the platform these days. When Twitter and Facebook are still the leading social media networks used by the companies, Instagram is expected to see tremendous growth in 2016. Around 48.8 percent of online marketers are all set to use this platform along with 18.4 in 2014. Since Instagram is taking marketing campaigns by storm, it is wise to stay in front of the trend and consider developing brand as a leader.


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Instagram Analytics Tools to Keep Track on Visual Marketing

If you want to boost your Instagram results and improving the campaign to enhance brand visibility, you have to be informed in each step you are taking. You should have the data that can show where you are. It is the first step to know how to move ahead.  You can monitor your campaign with analytics and find out what is doing well and what’s not. Here are the amazing Instagram Analytics tools to fulfill your needs and improve your authority and visibility on Instagram.

Union Metrics

A lot of tools are designed to fulfill the needs of small and modern businesses, with enterprise solutions when you want. On the other side, Union Metrics is designed specifically for enterprises. It provides analytics on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. It includes historical analysis, identifying influencers, keyword research, monitoring hashtags and even more. It obviously meant for enterprise and it is little costlier as compared to some tools. It comes with plans for medium, small, full and large enterprise and it costs from $90 to $500 per month. By all means, it is not as bad as it seems.


It is basically a multi-platform tool which gives detailed insights to different accounts. Now you can market with once place very effectively. Instead of spreading your presence in all the major channels, you have to only pay for one and get everything you want to make effective decisions related to your plan of marketing. It provides user generated content, social analytics, promotional campaign for both Instagram and Pinterest, image scheduling, influencer & advocate info, competition monitoring, ROI and traffic tracking, trending content analysis and even more. You may request demo on their site to find out how it works well. It is compatible with Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Tag Sleuth

This tool will keep track on the performance of hashtags, type of influence they are getting and whether you should use these tags for campaign. This tool is known to examine specific hashtags across Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. They can be tracked easily to find out how they are doing with time. It can promote event hashtagging and academic research. This tool is the best choice to create reports that can be exported for your own records. You can use it to show social growth and for future campaigns. In order to make payments, they cost around $24.99. If you are thinking to run lots of campaigns, it is really worth this special pricing. It has three archives that are updated all the time.


Piqora promises to deliver actionable analytics for your visual marketing. It is an all-set dashboard for marketing for both Instagram and Pinterest. It is also helpful to bring new followers, improve sales, create promotional campaigns, and grow the brand. Analytics is known to be the ideal way to apply to the platform of visual content. This tool is aimed to genuinely and emotionally connect with potential followers and followers. You can also use Instagram on your PC rather than just on Smartphone.


For those who are just looking for the tool for Instagram, they may be more engaged in Iconosquare. You can search hashtags and users, create pictures of video contests, monitor conversations and analytical data and do even more. Basically, you can run the whole campaign for Instagram from this site. If you don’t know anything about analytics, you can have a very detailed dashboard.


This tool can quickly boost your Instagram presence. In fact, you can also get detailed info on accounts and profiles on yourself, including marketing data and extensive demographic details that are not included always with basic analytics.

Simply Measured

Probably, it is the most comprehensive social media monitoring tool out there. It doesn’t just cover Instagram, but it is also available for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Vine. Costs starting from around $500 per month, it is the costliest tool in this list. But the price is really worth it because this tool provides branding features, in-depth reports, tracking and other features used by several well-known giants across the world like Samsung, Pepsi and Kia. If having most comprehensive data is your primary concern, you may like to give a shot to it.

How to Measure Impact of Social Media on Your Brand

Do you know how social networks can be helpful to your brand? Do you know how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social sites can affect your brand awareness?

The best part of social media is that it has finally made way to the grand aspect of accountability. Social media is the place where many people love to measure the presence. But it is not a single and simple answer. You can make a strategy for measuring success and accomplish your goals with few of the easy steps –

About Terms

Let’s face it; brand awareness is actually a way to measure how identifiable your company name is to your potential clients. If you want to step out of the curve on the measurement of social awareness, you first have to align your social metrics with the ones your company complies with already. Let’s also admit that the social media measurements are not different from traditional media measurements. In order to put measurement for brand awareness in the context of sales funnel, the important areas to evaluate usually fall in three important categories – influence, social exposure and engagement. By considering it, here’s how to enhance the playing field between social media metrics and traditional media metrics.

Determining Exposure in Social Media

How many people you could reach with your marketing message? In social media, this measurement is as reliable as the circulation of print magazine. But it is important to know your potential audience as it represents the potential pool of sales leads. Sadly, as of writing this post, some metrics need to be accounted for manually and the level of effort should be balanced well to track metrics against the value you will get from them in order to determine the value of overall strategy.

An ideal example of where you can find unreliability in social measurement is when users are isolated for all the metrics. You may not want to count the same person twice. But in real time, it is hard to do.  These are the measurements to highlight the people you drive to your brand in social media. In order to reduce the chances of duplication of users, you have to track the growth rate in percentage of aggregate total. Here are the ways to find real gems –

  1. Facebook – For your business page, you can have a record of total fans. Additionally, you can review the friends list from which fans have come throughout the specific time period when you were promoting your brand and the friends who commented or linked the posts in order to find out the potential reach every month.
  2. Twitter – You have to consider the number of followers and look at those who re-tweet your message in order to find out the potential reach every month. You need to track them separately and compare the growth rate month by month of each metrics in order to find out where you are going to see most growth. TweetReach is the best free tool to use to measure on Twitter.
  3. YouTube – For the videos engaged in promotion or tied for specific time period like monthly, you can measure total views and total subscribers.
  4. Email –This tool can give you insight on the numerr of people on distribution list and people who received the email actually.
  5. Blog – You can easily measure the visitors count viewed the posts related to promotion or specific time period.

Measure Engagement

How many people responded to your message actually? It shows the number of people cared about what you wanted to say as a result in some action. It is one of the most vital measurements. Luckily, engagement is quite easy to determine with some of the easy to use tools like Biz360, Radian 6, TweetEffect etc. These metrics can showcase who you like to target to stay on social channels. Here are the key indicators to enhance engagement –

  1. Facebook – You have to find out the number of times links received the clicks and messages received comments and likes. You need to break it down by the number of people who have done these things. You can easily track the private messages and wall posts if you are capable to link them to the activity which is tired to the specific campaign directly.
  2. Twitter – You have to find out how many times links were clicked, hashtags used, and message retweeted. Thereafter, you have to look at the number of people responsible behind this act. You may be able to track direct messages and replies if they can be linked to activities in your campaign.
  3. YouTube – Here, you can note down the number of commends on the video, how many times it was shared, how many times it was rated and the number of subscribers.
  4. Email – You have to estimate the number of people clicked, opened, and shared your mail. You have to add where items are shared and keep track of number of subscriptions you have generated.
  5. Blog – Here, you have to determine the number of comments, how many times posts were shared, how many subscribers generated, and finally where posts were shared like email, Twitter or Facebook. You can find out the number of blogs commented by you as well as the referral traffic to the website.

Measure Influence

In this category, we are going to get little deeper in the soft space for measurement. Influence is considered to be the subject approach which is based on the perspective of your company for definition. Basically, you have to find out whether engagement metrics are neutral, positive or negative when it comes to look at sentiments. In simple words, you can check whether your campaign has positive vibes to the brand or not.

You may consider using automated tools like Social Mention, Twitalyzer, ScoutLabs and Radian 6 to make it a bit easier. You always have to check it manually to verify sentiment outcomes. Generally influence can be displayed as the percentage of neutral, positive and negative sentiment. Then it can be applied related to the engagement metrics and the ones to enhance reach whenever possible.

Look at the influence by the people who are engaged with brands in different categories. It is the ideal application for influence. Do you have perfect blend of leading players with huge audience base that is getting engaged with brand and have modest following?

If it is not so, you may be in big trouble as your influence meter is about to go down. You have to spend more time to engage with both average user and influential users. Keep in mind that most of the automated tools are not free to track influence and sentiments. Most of the time, you have to look for the combination of tools to measure all the social media channels.

Channel for Lead Generation

After measuring the influence part of the channel, now you may be wondering where lots of brands conducting their marketing efforts. This is where your ROI-based action started and the part of brand awareness ends. You need to understand your engagement, reach and influence with these social channels and you can easily define your impact and presence that can be applied as model to various social media networks.

Since you have gathered all the information, how you are making it sensible? In order to organize data, Excel is considered to be the best tool. You can develop standard dashboard which showcases the important metrics which matter most to your brand. You can create tab in Excel for top overview of several campaigns and you can have a tab for all the campaigns for the given timeframe you are going to report on. You should ultimately mention the details in same format that is used to report on old campaigns of brand awareness and social media is just another vehicle in the overall blend of marketing.

Success Stories – 5 Brands Succeed on Instagram with Influencer Marketing

Do you want to enhance your Instagram presence?

 Are you looking to reach the influencers?

You should partner with influencers to increase your brand awareness, reach and revenue. Here, you will find the five important brands to harness the power of influencers.

Why Influencers?

With up to 300 million users on Instagram, you have to enhance your engagement on this social platform. The most important part of it is product promotion. You have to partner with influencers if you want to showcase what you have to offer. Influence is actually the number of followers (audience reach) multiplied by affinity of brand (credibility and expertise) and strength of relationship with the followers.

Social influencers are actually celebrities in modern day. On Instagram, there are up to 40000 influencers in all segments, including beauty, fashion, wellness and health, food, home décor and even more.  There are millions of followers and Influencers are known for the opinions and to add credibility to products promoted by you. Here are the Instagram Influencers and brands that should be checked out –

To Rejoice a Milestone

Including Stephanie, Bethany Marie and Sterjovski, Madewell has teamed up with 5 influencers in order to promote the anniversary of their official tote. For this they introduced #TOTEWELL campaign. They reached up to 1 million customers using just 5 influencers and quality content from fashion lovers. Madewell regrams the photos of their influencers as one of their strategies. You may check out the Instagram photo of Jules Denby on their official account and she is also featured on company blog.

To introduce followers to the influencers, blog is known to be the ideal place and it can add more contexts to the partnership. The influencer content of Madewell on their blog covers behind-the-scenes shots, Q&As, outfit of the day, styling tips and even more. It is the best cross-platform technique and it adds extra charm to enable influencers work for you. Be sure to add the handle of Influencer along with relevant hashtags on all the posts. You also have to add website link to your bio in order to drive traffic created by the influencers on the blog.

Promote Partnership

In order to explore the whole new grooming and lifestyle products, Birchbox is the best choice as it partners with on-demand beauty influencers showcasing new offerings, modeling latest trends and promoting their giveaways. To curate May box, Birchbox has coupled up with Emily Schuman of Cashmere and Cupcakes, a lifestyle blogger. Emily (up to 260,000 followers on Instagram) and Birchbox promoted this partnership with 5 photos that received up to 18000 likes and reached up to 550,000 consumers.

Birchbox is also engaged in Instagram takeovers where guests post on Instagram account and giveaways. Instagram contests also include comment to win, like to win, photo challenge or tag a friend. The Jouer Cosmetics founder, Christina Zilber took cover of Birchbox account and posted four photos on Instagram for Mothers’ Day and detailed her life in LA. The day culminated in the giveaway where users commented on the moms’ best beauty tips. As a result, it has got significant engagement with 1135 UGCs on Mother’s Day.

This way, you have to find the influencers in your particular niche in order to co-create and partner with product campaign, Instagram contest or takeover. You can generate new fans, brand awareness and customers within no time. To implement such techniques, there is no need to have large budget. As long as you have product, you can have influencers.

Inspire Adventure

The brand of Johnnie Walker is all about enjoying life and experience. Their strategy of Instagram marketing includes partnering with influencers with same sense of adventure. The influencers of this brand traveled for F1 Championships in Milan, Scotland to take the shots of heritage of Johnnie Walker and Shanghai to attend the launch of new product. But there is no need to become a hundred year old giant with a huge budget to develop same kind of craze.

You may ask your influencers to create hyperlapses or take videos to create the buzz on your or their Instagram feeds. You have to think constructive and invite your influencers on your headquarters to do the behind-the-scenes tour and scavenger hunt. When influencers create buzz on the products, it can be more desirable to the audience.

Band Up for a Cause

The influencers of Boxed Water are Megan DeAngelis, Jaime King and Aidan Alexander to spread publicity on their social campaign started with National Forest Foundation – The Retree Project. For every photo posted with #Retree hashtag on Instagram, Boxed Water has promised to plant two trees. After launching it, they have received up to 2600 pictures with hashtag #Retree in one month.

Working with influencers on social campaigns is very much beneficial in different ways. Influencers have huge reach already. So, it is easy for campaigns to go viral. With these campaigns both the influencers and company are positioned in positive light. Even better, influencers can easily have fun to create engaging posts around social campaigns. So, it is very easy to get indulged with them and input their personal branding on the cause.  Several Instagram influencers love to support causes. You need to look for the influencers who support the cause and reach them. Several times, they are pleased to post on your mission and their followers love to respond to call to action.

Capitalize with Word of Mouth

According to NatureBox, around 20% of women on social media are influenced from bloggers to buy products. Word of mouth publicity doubles the sale as compared to paid marketing. NatureBox teamed up with Joanna Goddard at A Cup of Jo, blogger who has up to 50000 followers in Instagram. NatureBox published three pictures of her children snacking from monthly roundup. As a result, they got 1200 likes and credibility of NatureBox has teamed up with some of the most popular mommy blogs.

This way, you have to search for influencers who also have bold command on target market along with being so popular. If they answer questions frequently on Instagram posts or have popular or active blog, you have to find out if they love to do Ask Me Anything (AMA) on social channels in order to highlight the products of your company.

Since customers have become familiar with traditional techniques of marketing, partnering with influencers has become the proven strategy for revenue generating and expanding reach. You have to look for influencers around you and capitalize on their popularity and status. There is no lack of ideas and resources to explore and promote your products, positioning and brand messaging with influencers.

How to Boost Instagram Visibility?

Do you want to get noticed more and more by people on Instagram? Do you know how some brands improving their visibility? You can create strong presence on Instagram with right techniques and insights. Here, we are going to discuss the ways to develop presence on Instagram.

Why Instagram?

The best part of Instagram is that it receives more engagement than Twitter and Facebook. A study has been conducted on 2500 brand posts by Forrester on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. As compared to Facebook, posts on Instagram had 58 times more engagement with each follower. On the other side, it outperformed Twitter with 120x more engagement with each follower. Here’s how to capitalize in market to gather more attention on Instagram.

Maintain Your Online Personality

Despite the social platform you are going to work with, it is vital to get consistent presence. No matter where you are found by your fans, your voice, logo, and even emotions must remain intact. It is literally simple to do on Twitter, Facebook & Google+. But how to do it when you have social channel which is completely visual like Instagram?

You have to ensure that people can recognize and find you with ease. So, it is suggested to use the logo as your profile picture and the title of your company as username.  The pictures you are going to share should showcase your voice and even the sentiments of your brand. Creating watermark that can be used on every shared picture is another way to promote your brand. For instance, Aquabumps use watermark to protect their photos and reinforce their brand.

If you design your images, create a template which includes the font of logo and regular color palettes.

Showcase User Generated Content

In order to add excitement and pizzazz to your brand, you have to give some spotlight to them. People love when their content is showcased in your stream and they get recognized by you. You can rest assured that they are talking about you to their friends. The brand of GoPro is based on adventure and their account has some of the great user generated contents on the web. Be it rock climbing, surfing, off-road driving or diving, the fans and customers of GoPro always show off the way they use GoPro’s cameras.

For GoPro, these shared pictures work wonder as they show the energy of the brand and add excitement on their own adventures with a GoPro cam to share and record such experiences.

Hashtags for Reach and Listening

Hashtags are known to be the staple of social media. If you consider just any Instagram feed, you will find that hashtags are the important part of it. Like on other platforms, hashtags on Instagram promote your products and brands and you can connect with people of specific communities and keep an eye on mentions. If you are going to use brand-specific hashtag in Twitter and other places, you may decide to bring it up to Instagram and tell your followers to use it when a picture is uploaded with your product. In order to get highlighted between people, you have to get the most of exciting and popular hashtags. You have to find the ones which are relevant to your product or brand and use them when required.

Webstagram is offering updated list of leading hashtags on Instagram. According to Instagram, you have to be relevant and specific and observe trends when it comes to choose hashtags. You can always find some case studies of how some brands built their profiles on their blog.

Connect Your Social Media Channels

Though Instagram is a great marketing tool, it doesn’t mean that it is the only way for you. Of course it has an important presence. What if most of your business coming from other social platforms? You may surely not want to stop doing what’s good for you and you can focus your efforts somewhere else. You can integrate your efforts on other social platforms. Here’s what you can do.

Use your important social channels to enhance new traffic on Instagram. Cross-promote your accounts and tell your followers to check other profiles of your brand. Bondi Harvest, an Australian group, hosts cooking show every week which features local produce. YouTube is their official channel but they also use Instagram.

The team of Bondi Harvest posts still images of cooking and snaps from the well-known Bondi Beach on Instagram. In their photo captions, they develop interest and connect their followers to YouTube for more ideas and details. To support one another, you can use various social profiles. It reminds your viewers that you are offering something more across the web.

Showcase Your Talents

How you can show your talent off in a picture? What’s the thing that your company is better? Your picture is not needed to be market-y or flashy. All it needs to be interested for the audience. Meghan Plowman, the well-known stylist and photographer knows her community really well. You can see the clear images of apparel, food and interiors which are attractive to everyone who admires artistically done lifestyle images.

Her images are not promotional at all. But she has done it really well to brand herself as a talented and experienced stylist. She has just highlighted her talent. People love to follow someone as they like their photos or company. If you amaze them, they will be with you and talk about you with others.


This is how you can make Instagram promote you and your brand. Instagram enjoys more engagement than various social networks. Instagram is offering great potential to the brands. You can easily create your amazing visual content that can improve your business relationships. Ask your followers to contribute with their own content and use hashtags to showcase their talents and integrate social channels of you. You can develop great human relationship to your fans which helps you build stronger web presence.  These are known to be the great ways to influence purchasing decisions of your customers. Social influence really has a great impact on your business and it can give huge returns on your investment.

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