Important Tips To Use Instagram For Businesses

  • December 20, 2016

Instagram Business

If you are reading this, you have already realized one basic thing: Instagram is an extremely important social network. This photo sharing application is not just important for travel companies, restaurants or retailers, it is important for all kinds of businesses. Instagram is a hub where people find the visual personality of businesses. Without a solid Instagram presence, businesses risk being forgotten or ignored, particularly among the new generations. If you take Instagram seriously, you will have a whole world of opportunities.

So, now you know why you should be there on Instagram. Read on to find how to use it for your business.

Create Your Strategy

Create a strategy

Start by doing some research. Before using Instagram for your business, use it yourself. Check the best businesses in your industry on Instagram. Once you are familiar with this app, you can start building your Instagram strategy. First, you will need to set up your Instagram goals. They may include:

  1. Boost traffic to website
  2. Increase products sales
  3. Boost branded hashtag mentions
  4. Increase brand awareness

Once you recognize your goals, make a mission statement followed by your content strategy, which will include:

  1. How frequently you post
  2. What time to post
  3. Selecting content themes
  4. Establishing content calendar

Instagram is about visuals, so build a recognizable, cohesive brand identity. The way you approach your brand will be mainly influenced by the strategy that you’ve determined already.

Firstly, consider the style you wish for your brand on Instagram. Select the filter(s) you’ll use for most, if not all your photos. By using same filters gain and again, you establish a visual style which will become recognizable for your followers.  Your aim is to make users stop scrolling after they see your photo. So, the more immediately recognizable your images are, the better it is.

Visually, you will also need to determine what content your photographs will focus on. If you are unsure about how to represent your company visually, monitor your followers account. Then, try to replicate the themes in your account.

Finally, there are some non-visual elements linked to your brand, like style for captions or common language. A famous technique is the branded hashtags. It is about finding hashtags that embody your brand and encourage your followers to share photographs that suit that image.

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Get Started With Instagram

Get started with instagram

To get started, download Instagram to your mobile. Sign up with an email id and password. You will be then prompted to make your profile. Take time to optimize it professionally and completely.

Username & Bio – Instagram is among the simplest social media networks as far as bio is considered. For discoverability, your username should match with the username of other social media profiles. In this case, your real name is your company name. For the bio, you have 150 characters only. So, keep things straightforward. It should be snappy and light.

Profile Photo – The profile photo should be your own company’s logo probably. Your profile picture on Instagram will be cropped in a circle on this app, so ensure to select an image which will look great inn that shape.

Follow People – To kick of the Instagram presence of your business, you will want to follow other users. Locate influencers within your industry, engaging users and clients and follow them. Look for related hashtags and then make your presence quickly identified by commenting on photographs and following people. Finally, add Instagram handle to other social profiles and your web properties for cross promotion.

Post And Engage

Instagram Post and engage

Now you can begin sharing and attracting. Post top-quality photos that meet your brand guidelines and do so as per your content calendar. Remember that Instagram is highly mobile friendly before choosing and posting your photos.

When posting images, don’t miss on opportunity to cross-post your images. This app enables you to post photos to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. When it comes to engagement, do the best to reply to followers comments. Do follow users who are following you, particularly those who put work clearly in their Instagram presence. They will more likely engage with your business and may offer inspiration for your posts. Overall, the great success of your account on Instagram will come to getting your brand out in the community, while making sure that you thank and acknowledge those who engage with your brand.

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