How To Schedule Your Instagram Posts?

  • December 20, 2016

 schedule instagram posts

For most of the social media managers, being “on” constantly is just a part of their job description. Social media marketing needs engagement tactics and timely responses mostly. Instagram isn’t an exception. It’s a social network from which it seems impossible to take a break away.

Whether you are juggling many accounts on Instagram or need some method to plan your content on Instagram ahead of time, ability to schedule Instagram posts was only a pipe dream. So, here is a step-wise approach to schedule your Instagram posts.

Learn To Schedule Posts On Instagram Like A Professional

While the Instagram purists may claim on staying true to original immediate aim of Instagram, this platform has evolved greatly so that most of them recognize that there’s now a more curated and throughout approach taken both by personal users and brands. It is an irony to state that Instagram is an extremely big marketing tool; therefore, it makes sense to say that like with any other channel, a social strategy is there behind the content too.

Of course, while you still wish to share posts that are engaging, consistent and timely, a big portion of your content can most probably be scheduled before time.

Why Schedule Your Instagram Posts?

Other than letting you plan your content on Instagram ahead of time, the capability to schedule the Instagram posts is particularly helpful if you’ve many team members managing the company’s account. You can collaborate on your assignments and even assign particular content or messages to particular users or your Instagram followers onto your account. Diverse users can have diverse publishing capabilities and permissions, meaning that the entire procedure is more under control and streamlined.

The most obvious benefit of scheduling Instagram posts is its time saving feature. If you’re able to schedule a whole week’s content in advance, you’re able to spend your remaining week’s focus on in-the-moment posting and engagement. It is often more time consuming and difficult to try and turn up with brand new content ideas right away, edit images, think of apt hashtags and turn up with captions. Therefore, by getting this done before time, you may dedicate your energy and time fully to other work.

How To Schedule A Post On Instagram?


If all this sounds good to you, it may be time to quickly set-up your social media management tools. There are many tools you can use to schedule your content on Instagram. Some of them are mobile based, while others are computer based and some can be used on both. Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. Latergramme

Schedule your posts from browser or use mobile iOS app using Latergramme. With this, you can upload individual images only. Though Latergramme can schedule as well as organize your posts on Instagram, it doesn’t post them.

2. ScheduGram

It uploads single and multiple photographs and videos. After you upload, you can even edit your photos. The tools available include retouching, cropping, enhancing your images and adding effects. Once your videos or photos are prepared for Instagram, schedule those and request notifications through email once they have gone out. You can also manage many Instagram accounts and offer access to any number of users.

3. TakeOff

This tool is quite similar to Latergramme. But there are some exceptions. TakeOff has both iOS and Android mobile app. It can schedule images only, but don’t post them. It offers hashtag suggestion and recommended time for posting when the followers are mostly engaged.



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